Cooks Bay, Moorea

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 26 May 2013 02:39
17:30.11S 149:49.19W  Cooks Bay, Moorea
We have been anchored in the very dramatic and beautiful Cooks Bay for a few days. This is a very deep bay surrounded by high mountains with all kinds of interesting shapes. And we are keeping good company too, with a few Superyachts and some friends from Papeete.
Dragonfly ...75m plaything of the Google lads!                                                         The schooner ARGO, anchored next to us
On our first night we went to an exhibition of Tahitian dancing at the Bali Hai Hotel.  The outfits are exactly as expected ...grass skirts and pareos, with lots of flowers and the hand movements very complicated and beautiful to watch. Mike took a little dancing lesson with one of the gals. The video is well worth seeing Winking smile emoticon
Today we took the Boston Whaler about 6km across to the north west of the island to a reef that is know for its friendly stingrays and black-tip sharks. What an amazing experience to swim with these animals - as you jump in the water the stingrays come right up to you and touch you.. rubbing up against you. Quite a fright I got, when it happened the first time, but then you enjoy it, touching their soft spongy bodies as they swim past.  I did have a few "Steve Irwin flashes" when the tail (sting) touched me! 
We were with our friends the Reynolds from Offshore, who also have their parents with them - it was a lovely day on the water - which we ended with a beer and some dessert at a restaurant on the local Motu (small island)
About to stroke the ray                                                                    For those of your that thought Mike was scared of sharks!
The Cooks Bay  anchorage is so beautiful, I thought I would add one more picture - Time 2 in the middle!