Cabo de San Antonio

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 29 Apr 2011 22:13
21:54.15N 084:54.14W - Marina Cabo de San Antonio
We spent three days sailing down here, to the western tip of Cuba. The first day we had quite a bit of wind, and anchored way off Cayo Levisa, as it was too shallow and too late to go any closer. A very restless night! The next day we went as far as Punto Alonso Rojas and found a calmer anchorage. On the way down we were contacted by the Guardia Frontera (police/ coast guard) and although I managed to piece together some Spanish telling them of our intentions, their return message was totally confusing - but I assume they were happy as we heard nothing more!  The problem with a little Spanish, is that people reply high speed, as is typical of the Cubans... and I am lost!
Last night we got down to the western tip - again calling the Guardia without success - but we were told the port was called Los Morros (the snout) but we have now found out that it is called Marina Cabo de San Antonio?!! We anchored off the small dock and a local boater helped us with some translation. Mike & Tom we were then able to take the dinghy in to complete some paperwork and bring 2 gentlemen back on the boat to do a little more paperwork and a quick inspection. They were very friendly and while the one spoke a little English, the other did not - but proceed to give us a few Spanish lessons.... e.g. a kitchen is a CUCINA ... not a cuchina  (female pig). Much hilarity!
Last night Mike tried to start up the watermaker and could not get it to work - putting in many hours - last night and this morning We tried emailing the technician in Florida for help, (the guy who 'fixed' it for thousands of dollars) but by 4pm today still had no response. But Mike eventually got it working ..but then disaster struck.  I was using the vacuum cleaner and when I switched it off - I also switched off the watermaker, and it would not start up again. Oh boy!!!
After another 2 hours in the boiling hot engine room, Mike got it going again, and as I write it is making water well - long may it last!
Tom & I went to shore briefly a little while ago to check on leaving procedures for tomorrow. The Customs officials were very busy as 4 Mexican ferry boats were dong their international check out to return to Cozumel. They had been in Havana having their bottom paint done. So while we were waiting we had a couple of Mojito's ...and have now got the secret to making the perfect Mojito - which of course we cannot share freely!
Tomorrow we will round the Cape to Maria la Gorda.