Waderick Wells & Norman's Cay

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 23 Jun 2017 01:19
24:36.81N 76:49.45W  Waderick Wells & Norman’s Cay
I was very keen to go back to the Exuma Park, as the weather had been poor on the way down. We headed up to the main anchorage at Waderick Wells, and were thrilled to hear they had a mooring ball for us, in this beautiful place.  Sadly this ball was close to the cut and we were rolling like crazy, so could not stay. We took a quick drive around on the dinghy before returning to a previous anchorage off Emerald Cay.  I managed to do a little snorkelling, but again the weather was not in our favour.  Our deep draft prevents us from tucking in close to the land, and so we had another disruptive night.
Main mooring field at Waderick WellsTime 2 is faaaaaaaaar in the distance
Our next quick stop was Norman’s Cay – which we had never visited before. We wanted to snorkel on the aeroplane wreck – which carries a lot of urban legend. The plane did crash during the time that Norman island was being used by the Carlos Lehder and the drug cartels to smuggle drugs into the USA during the 1970’s.. However this particular plane, an old WWII C-46, crash landed into the shallow waters of the lagoon, by a drunk pilot doing “touch and goes” trying to strum up some transport business.  Its a very shallow wreck, but fun to look at.
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Quite a lot of the wreck is exposed at low tide
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