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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 11 Nov 2008 20:41
Back in the water in Chaguarama's
Indigo was put back in the water on Friday - the travel lift arrived unannounced and it was a bit of a scramble. We had to quickly detach the rented airconditioner, the power and the hose-pipe, and the next minute she was up in the air. As she was being taken down the road, Mike was walking alongside, quickly touching up the bottom paint, where the stands had been.
All went without a hitch and we were afloat!
On Sunday Mike spent the day fishing with some local friends (26 foot Pirogue with a single 130HP Honda). Sadly they only managed to catch 3 King fish (this is different to the King Fish we know in South Africa, and more like a mackerel)
But the best "fun" we have had in the last few days, has been renting a car. I have heard of rent-a-wreck, but this car takes the cake!  The pictures are flattering to say the least, as it does not show the hand-painted bodywork, the totally smooth tyres, the missing wheel bolts, the boot that does not open and the totally stuffed interior. It shudders and shakes as it starts, groans around corners, but seems to get us back every time!.  Quite a change from our cars at home, but we have still managed  do lots of chores, get fuel, buy groceries, go out to town at night etc, etc. 
It is still very hot, wind free with no rain .. I think that Hurricane Paloma up in Cuba has sucked up all the weather in the Caribbean.  If we have good winds next week, we will probably head up to Grenada.  Love to all, Mike & Lynn