Sailing down the Jersey Shore

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 26 Aug 2010 05:10
39:14.63N 074:30.25W   East Coast USA - off Atlantic City, NJ
Its 1.30 am in the morning, and I am on watch. The sea is fairly flat, the wind is on the nose and we are motoring south.  After a month up in New York and the Long Island Sound, we are now heading down to the Chesapeake.
Our last few days have been very wet and fairly cold, with a large front passing over the north east. Mike and I have been in jeans, sweatshirts & rain gear for the first time in years.
However the forecast for tomorrow is hot and humid, so we will be back in shorts again - thank goodness!
We left Manhasset Bay, long Island at noon, catching the outgoing tide, down the East River though New York City. One again, a magnificent sight. Again, we noticed how, when sailing past the United Nation Buildings, our GPS would not function. Some kind of security block we suspect.
Thought I would show off my new rain jacket!
We exited into the Atlantic ocean at about 4.30 pm and headed south. About 20 mins ago we sailed past Atlantic City - quite a surreal sight at night, with many of the buildings (casinos I presume)  lit up with bright colours.. a little Las Vegas!
Tomorrow we will stop in Cape May for a breather and then head up the Delaware River for about 50nm to the C & D Canal.
Its time for my midnight snack ... a little Haagen Das coffee ice-cream!