Heading into Fiji

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 8 Aug 2013 09:31
16:53.38s 179:40.78W 1 am Wed Morning (GMT +12)

We have 73nm (10 hours) to go before we get into Savu Savu, our port of etry into Fiji. We are about to cross over the 180 longitude line from West t East - half way around the world from Greenwich Mean Time.
As we are now within the island chain, the seas have calmed down quite a bit ad in the last 24 hours the wind has come down below 20knots, so we are having a much more comfortable ride than our first 2 days. I am on watch and need to tidy up the boat, pack away all the things that have been tossed around or that we have put on the floor for safety. The Fijian officials will apparently board the boat promptly in Savu Savu.
Interestingly, Fiji is the first country that we have had to give advance notification of arrival. A 6 page document, including lots of details of the boat, ships stores and crew (including photos) had to be sent off to them 48 hours before arrival. We have had to dispose of all fresh fruits and veg and hope that they do not confiscate our dairy products and frozen meat. Alcohol is also strictly controlled, a max of 2.25 l of sprits OR 4.5l of beer/wine - so our booze cabinet is severely depleted too. Good news from our friends already there, is that there is great provisioning in Fiji.
I am looking forward to many weeks of short passages and beautiful anchorages ... and perhaps a visitor or two??