our new boat - Time 2

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 24 Feb 2011 12:21
Collecting Time 2
In September we flew to Malta to collect our new boat - Time 2 - a gorgeous Nordhavn 57 trawler.  Unlike the trawlers we know in South Africa that are simple fishing-boats, this one is a luxury power-boat. Nordhavn is a range of highly respected ocean crossing boats. Rather than zooming along at high-speed, this fuel efficient vessel will travel at "sailboat speeds" allowing us to continue our round-the-world journey... in luxury.   I will have Mike do a blog page on all the technical specs!
We sailed Time2 from Malta to Genoa, where we put her on a huge delivery boat, the Superservant 3 that took her to Florida. We picked her up in Fort Lauderdale and sailed her up to Palm Beach where she has been been in the yard with yacht-Tech.  Time2 had some serious hydraulic issues that needed sorting out and other things that required upgrading. All this has been happening while we have had a wonderful trip home to Simon's Town.
We will be back in Florida in early March and I will get the blog up and running again - but here are a few  photos to whet your appetite.
Re-fueling in Malta
About to board the new boat
With James, sailing to Italy
The luxurious Salon
On the deck of Superservant
On the hard in Florida