Amazing reef in Rangiroa

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 11 May 2013 17:43
Amazing reef in Rangiroa:
John flew out of Rangiroa on Thursday morning, on a flight a few hours earlier than expected. Luckily we checked the day before, as his original 1pm flight had been cancelled and they put him on the 9am flight.  Luckily we checked!
We have been enjoying watching the crew of a 54m super-yacht anchored next to us. They have been preparing furiously for guests which we suspect are arriving today. They have been cleaning, polishing, painting, stocking up with provisions (flown in from Papeete I suspect), changing crew, putting out furniture, hoisting their bunting, cleaning some more .... it never stops!. We estimate there are now at least 14 crew on the Keri Lee III, and will probably only get 8 guests.....  imagine what that costs for a week!
Mike and I went snorkeling on a little reef close by, and what a fantastic experience that was. The most beautiful sea life on a reef that we have seen since we started cruising. An amazing collection of fish ..butterfly fish alone, we must a have seen 6 variations,  Here are some pics.
Moorish Idol                                                                                Trigger fish we think (need to get a book!)
Local diver strokes a giant moray eel                                                One of many Butterfly fish
and quite a lot of black tip sharks too
 There seems to be some bad weather coming early next week - with lots of strong wind. We will probably  head about 100nm east of here to a small atoll called Toau, which seemingly has a very protected anchorage. It is also very remote, so will have no access to the internet - only satellite email.