Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 2 Jul 2015 23:49
16:55.15s 145:46.92e   Cairns
It was finally time to leave Maggie and head up to Cairns to meet our friends arriving from Cape Town. We took an easy 3 day trip, overnighting at Orpheus Island and Dunk Island on the way. We had considered another night at Fitzroy Island, but the weather was kicking up and we were happy to get into the Marlin Marina at Cairns.
south passage
This beauty came into the anchorage at Dunk Island
We also has another mission in Cairns – to drop off the last of the two batteries that we replaced & and stock up with food for our next leg.  There is a guy called Hans, who goes up to Papua New Guinea each year to help the people with a solar power project. He has worked with schools and hospitals, making them more self sufficient. As we still has two of the massive batteries that were in good condition, we donated them to his project. Once again the sheer weight of these batteries made logistics tricky – but were smoothed over with the help and muscles of some local yachties.
bbats cairns         shopping
Hauling one of the batteries                                                        Shopping by bike
We also had time to have dinner and a catch up with Brian & Sandie from sv Persephone, who we had last seen in Sawarrow in 2013.  They are about to head off on a rally to Indonesia with about 40 other boats, including Buffalo Nickel, whom we last say in Fiji.  Its a small world, this life of cruising!