Christmas in Whangamata

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 27 Dec 2016 22:01
37:11.88S 175:51.88E  Christmas in Whangamata
This is the furthest south Time2 has ever been – and dare I say, will never be again.  Here is a map of the North island for some perspective of where we are.
turnbull home
We wound our way up the very shallow river at high tide into the lovely marina at Whangamata ... or as Mike likes to call it “Find my guitar”.  This is the town where Mike’s daughter Lindsay, husband Gareth and kids, Jake and Kate have settled. They have been in New Zealand for almost a year, and chose this cute little seaside village as their home. It is on the north side of the Bay of Plenty, but we did not get to see any of the famous surf.  The Christmas week has been very festive here –  Mike’s daughter from Cape Town, Hayley and family are also here – and so lots of kids, noise and celebrations.  The Turnbull home and the local stores are very close to the marina, so we could easily ride our bikes up and down.
bl picnic beach   bl surfe3r
Picnic on the estuary                                                                                             Christmas street decorations in surfer style
On Christmas eve we had a real feast at Lindsay & Gareth’s home – with beautiful food and lots of bubbles.  We saved the presents for the next morning, when we had another fabulous spread – full English breakfast.  That afternoon we drove down to Gareth’s family who live about an hour south in KatiKati – for another Xmas celebration, finished off with a spectacular Pavlova. We tried golden kiwi fruit for the first time – more pear-like in flavour to the standard green ones.  I see a huge diet on the horizon.
blog aiden pres    blog lynn & Erin
Ethan playing with one of  his presents, while Erin and I pose
bl kate grampa      blog jake board   gareth
Grampa was a hit with Kate & Jake – enjoying their presents.  Gareth and his Xmas hat
bl dawn john  blog pavolva
Dawn & John Turnbull in their beautiful garden in KatiKati                                 THAT  Pavlova
blog family
One last picture of Mike with the whole family – who knows when they will all be together again ;-(
We are now heading back north, and will be in Auckland on the Bayside Marina for New Years eve and the week following.