Quick detour through the Bahamas

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 3 Jul 2010 14:43
26:42.30N 078:59.34W  Back in the Bahamas
After 6 weeks in Fort Lauderdale we finally had to say goodbye to all our friends on sailboat bend in Ft Lauderdale and head north - moving out of the hurricane belt.
On Thursday we headed up the intra-coastal waterway with Nadine and Rob on Sea Wolff II. The section between Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach is the only piece that we can travel with Indigo - as our mast is too high for the fixed bridges.(70ft). On this stretch there are about 20 bridges - but each of them opens. The bridges open to a schedule (some open on the hour/ half hour and other a quarter to/ past, and you have to time it carefully not to get held up, waiting for an opening.
Here is a pic of Indigo going through Las Olas Bridge. We were a little close here!
We anchored at Lake Santa Barbara (not really a lake - more like a widening/ intersection in the water). We then spent a lovely afternoon in the swimming pool of a bar along the waterway. After a final farewell braai with Sea Wolff, we settled down to sleep on the deck, as it was very hot and humid - and of course we no longer have access to shore-power and the air-conditioning.  I made the whole night on the trampoline, but Mike got restless and eventually went below deck.
Yesterday we left early, exited at the Hillsboro inlet and motored over to the Bahamas. We have decided to have one last quick visit here, before heading back up the east coast of the USA. There was no wind, the sea was flat and our sails remained in their cover. Mike managed to catch two Dorado, but sadly one managed to slip overboard as her was cleaning it. As you can imagine, he was very frustrated!
Here is the one that got away!
We will spend a few days here and then head up to St Augustine, in north eastern Florida