Turtle Bay - waiting for a weather window

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 1 Apr 2013 03:15
27:41.03N 114:53.28W     Turtle Bay - waiting for a weather window
We have sailed halfway down the Baja peninsula to Turtle Bay, where we will wait for a decent weather window to start our trip across the pacific. This leg has been a good exercise in fuel management checks- doing 350nm, in 46 hours, using 690 litres - with a bit of help from a strong current, and a calm sea. Mike is happy with all his calculations for fuel usage.
We have extra drums of diesel (1000 litres) on the deck, which we will refill tomorrow. Turtle Bay may be a one-horse-town, but it has two floating fuel vessels.
We are still sailing with m/v Tetu and enjoying their company - last night Phil served up some mean steaks at Cedros Island.
The weather is unfortunately not being as co-operative as we would like, with a frontal system bringing lots of wind and big seas for the next few days - not something we want to start our trip in. However, forecasts change, and hopefully we can get moving soon.  The boat is full of food with boxes and crates all over the place, and we may pick up a few things in this little town.
As most of you know, Mike's brother John is with us ..and this was the conversation this evening.
Mike:  " Hey Lynn, perhaps we should buy some live chickens for the trip."
John:  " Why?   you have lots of life jackets on board already!  "       .....best we get him to wear his hearing aids!    
Drums on back deck                                                            Trying to preserve the potatoes