Tobago Cays, The Grenadines

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 5 May 2008 19:29
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Leaving the Grenadines - 5 May '08
This morning we left St Vincent & the Grenadines for Grenada.  We checked out of Clifton, Union Island and checked into Hillsborough, Carriacou - which is a mere 10kms away. Carriacou is a fairly large island that is part of and to the north of Grenada. We are now sailing the 70 kms down to St Georges, the capital of Grenada.   We have spent the last few days in the beautiful Tobago Cays (pronounced "keys") and on the neighbouring island Mayreau (pronounced "my-roux") The Cays are a protected marine park with a few small uninhabited islands bordered on one side by an extensive horseshoe reef. The water is an unbelievably  pale sapphire blue - a real picture postcard paradise. We snorkelled every day off Indigo, as we were anchored right on the edge of the reef, and managed to take some great underwater pics. Coenie also put in some serious canoe miles every day - getting in shape for a visit from Sarah I suspect!  On Sunday we moved over to Saline Bay, Mayreau and did a dive on the Purini, ( a gunboat wreck in about 10m of water). It was a very pretty & relaxing dive, being shallow and the wreck being quite small - again we were able to take lots of underwater pics. Sadly we saw no moray eels, but did have a close look at a mean old barracuda and a very large queen trigger fish (which is one of the most colourful fish I have seen). Last night we headed up the hill to the famous "Robert Righteous & de Youths" bar and restaurant. Robert is a classic  - an extremely hospitable Rastafarian - whose bar is a treasure trove of posters of his hero's - from  Bob Marley to Martin Luther King, MalcolmX, Marcus Garvey and even Nelson Mandela. And for those of you that are wondering .."de youths" are his children who are in business with him. We had a late night, which included the usual rum punches, some dancing & meeting interesting people. This time a gal from Ireland. I will post some photo's of this leg from Grenada.