Ensenada to San Diego

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 24 Feb 2013 00:37
32:42.55N 117:14.11W   Ensenada to San Diego
We were preparing to leave for the USA, but still managed to squeeze in a bit of fun.  Our neighbor on the marina in Ensenada (Stas') took us for a day sail in the bay on his yacht Wispa, which was cold, but fun.  I was also very happy to get a visit from my friends, the Wikmans from the San Francisco Bay area. They come down to Tijuana for all their dental work - which they find to be excellent (and a lot cheaper) in Mexico.  Tom, Teri, their daughter Cierra and a friend all stayed over for the night on Time 2. They were hoping to sail up to San Diego with us, but the weather was too foul and we had to wait another day.
Mike & Stas' on WYSPA                                                                            Tom & Teri Wikman
Having completed our Mexican check-out the day before, with the help of the ever friendly team at the marina, we set off early for the 65nm trip up to San Diego. It was an uneventful trip until we entered the channel for the entry into San Diego Bay.  San Diego is a massive bay, with not only thousand and thousands of private yachts, but it is also home to the US Pacific Fleet. So as we are calmly entering the bay, watching out for lots of little yachts and a few bigger powerboats, we get a call on the VHF from a warship.  And there he was ...right behind us!  After a little confusion about who was passing on what side, we got it all straightened out and let them pass  ...ha..ha !  And then we headed to the police dock for our check in. Its all very civilized here!  You tie up to the harbour police dock and use a free phone to call the officials. They then come down to your boat and do the paperwork.  Simple!  
Oops looks what's coming up our stern!                                            The police dock