sailing to St Lucia

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 23 May 2008 13:51
13:15.83N 61:15.69W
Cumberland Bay, St Vincent
We are on our way north, to St Lucia having left Carriacou on Tuesday.  We are anchored off the west coast of St Vincent in a very deep bay, which is why we also have a line off the back of our boat, tied to a palm tree on the shore. It is very pretty, but sadly this part of the coast is not very safe, (theft) and so we will stay on board tonight.  Sailing north, we stopped off at Petite Martinique to fill up with fuel and also managed to buy some delicious red snapper. From there we sailed through the exquisite Grenadines, passing Petite St Vincent, Palm Island, Mayreau and then overnighted in Canouan.
On the way we managed to buy some conk (or lambi as it is known in Grenada) from a fisherman who was stuck on a reef. However, AFTER we relieved him of his catch, we did phone to get him some help. Why are we buying fish? (you may well ask)... because, the boys have not caught anything for weeks!  Last week, they did catch a great big barracuda, but these are not safe to eat due to the possibility of ciguatera poisoning. And it stank - so overboard it went.
This morning we sailed passed Bequia and up the coast of St Vincent. We had a beautiful bird land on our deck - which was almost tame. It allowed us to take a whole lot of pics, very close up, and then flew off. We have no idea what it is - so if any of you recognise this bird with the exceptionally long tail feathers, please let us know.
Tomorrow morning we will sail the last 40 miles to St Lucia - so far we have had great wind, and we should take just over 5 hours to get there. Love to all, Coenie, Mike & Lynn