Los Candeleros

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 3 Jun 2012 04:10
25:43.47N 111:14.15W   Los Candeleros:
Since San Evaristo, we have travelled less than 100nm, stopping at Timbabiche and Agua Verde before getting to Los Candeleros.  In Timbabiche, we bought some crayfish from 2 very friendly fishermen, both called Manuel, which were delicious. And then I have been perfecting a new margarita recipe. In La Paz I bought some dried hibiscus flowers at the supermarket where they were demo'ing a colddrink made by boiling up the flowers with water and sugar.  But I was a bit shy in the water and sugar, and ended up with a very dark red tart drink ...but, following that great philosophy "when life dishes out lemons, haul out the tequila" I turned to the blender and created a rather delicious margarita. Note my new Mexican "copa" - now that is a glass!
John and two of our crays                                                            My latest creation!
Agua Verde  (Green water) was a delightful anchorage with quite a few other boats.  I put on my shorty wetsuit (it is still only 25 deg in the water) and went for my first decent snorkel in months - it was wonderful. Mike and Johnny had another unsuccessful fishing outing.  We met a young British/ Swedish family with two little kids on s/v Lolo - Mike later went spear fishing (diving) with Petter, and did so again in Candeleros, but Mike has decided that he is too old for this game. He watched Petter's back (an excellent diver) while he did the hard work spearing a few fish.  And now this is what the guys are getting up to on Time2 these days!
John doing an internal audit                                                        No, its not a new religion, he is stretching his sore back!
After being out of touch for the last few days we have had a real flurry of internet activity over the last few days.  This bay has a new resort hotel with open/ free WiFi and all the cruisers anchor here to catch up on email, etc. Today I headed over to the resort, who are very welcoming of cruisers, offering use of their many pools, Jacuzzis, bars and restaurants for free as long as you buy a drink or two. I have no idea why anyone would come to this desolate spot for a beach holiday, but the facilities are great!  I lay at the pool on a very luxurious lounger, with fluffy towels and excellent waiter service, while I updated my iPod and drank cold beer ... .perfect! 
Here is a pic of 5 year old Teddy, from s/v Lolo - this little guy can tied a bowline; pull start a 9hp outboard and drive around on the dinghy - all by himself. What an amazing way to grow up!
Fab pool in the middle of nowhere!                                                                            Young Teddy driving around
Tomorrow we head north to the national park islands around Loreto, have not yet finalized our destination. Morning will tell!