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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 20 May 2014 00:16
24:45.82s 152:23.28e   BUNDABERG
We finally left Brisbane last Monday morning and headed out to Morton Island for an overnight anchorage at Tangalooma.  It was not a comfortable anchorage as the wind shifted and we had swell from the side, but we were well positioned for an early departure the next morning. While there is an “inside passage” to Bundaberg behind Frasier island,  given the draft of Time 2 (a little over 2 m) and some areas of dubious depth, we decided to take the longer (138mn) passage on the outside.
With a weather front moving in, it was a little bumpy, but all went well until we turned around the top end of Frasier island for the last 50nm into Bundaberg. I was on watch and noticed that the fuel pressure had dropped a bit when the alarm came on. I woke Mike who did some checks but was happy for us to continue. I then went to sleep. A little while later I woke up to the dreaded sound of the engine “dying” ....this is not a good sound at sea!  Mike immediately switched on the wing engine, but this too died – both engines were starved of fuel.  As you can imagine, there was a bit of stress to follow. Mike was in the engine room, looking at all aspects of the fuel – then checking and changing filters, while we rocked and rolled around. The wind and seas had picked up a bit more, not very nice when you are drifting without any power or stabilisation.  And what are the chances of easily getting a tow?  Luckily Mike managed to sort out the issue and we were on our way again.  Yikes, this Australian coast is taking years off my life!
Without any further hassles we arrived at Bundaberg Port Marina, where we have been for a week, while the wind has continued to howl. The marina is close to the little town of Burnett Heads, rather than the actual town of Bundaberg, which is further up the river. Not a lot happens around here , other than sugar cane farming  and rum production. Of course we bought and sampled some of the famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer (delicious) and the Bundaberg Rum (not great).  I also tried some of the local mud-crab, which made me quite ill.  On a happier note, we met Rowley Errington,the owner of a beautiful Nordhavn62 called Bee. Mike and him, have been as thick as thieves discussing every aspect of their boats.
Tomorrow we are planning to head up to Lady Musgrave a little atoll about 60nm NE of here, and hopefully have our first swim! From there we will continue to meander up north.
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