Highbourne & Allan's Cay

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 17 Apr 2017 20:20
24:42.97N 76:49.84W Highbourne & Allan’s Cay
From Nassau we headed across the Yellow Banks to the Exumas. This is a fairly shallow passage in parts for a yacht with our draft (close to 7ft) and we dodged a few bommies (coral outcrops) on the way. In Fort Lauderdale I bought the Garmin navigation App for my Ipad, which comes with details from the Explorer Charts – gold standard for charts in the Bahamas. This has made life so easy, as there are marked/ recommended routes through all the difficult areas. Mike also has this update on his Furuno system, so we are much more comfortable with the shallow waters here.
After 5 or 6 hours we anchored at Highbourne Cay.  The guys were very keen to hunt down some conch, before we moved south into the marine park. Mike towed Tim & I behind the dinghy with our snorkelling gear, but found nothing. We snorkelled a bit on a few bits of coral, which was pleasant.  Later the guys went out again and Mike dived out a bucket full of conch, and so we made some delicious conch fritters.
bl tim cleaning conch    ml conch fritters
Tim was eventually a champion conch cleaner                                                             Enjoying the fritters
From Highbourne we took a run in the dinghy to Allan’s Cays to see the iguanas. This new tender is a winner – goes fast, is very comfortable & has great lockers– Sharon has now named it “Grand Sithole” .   The bay at Allan’s did not disappoint - the iguanas were on form and water was beautiful and warm.
bl smees alans  bl alans lizard