Heading up the west coast of Costa Rica

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 26 Mar 2012 19:51
09:30.9N 084:36.1W  Heading up the west coast of Costa Rica:
We left Golfito on Saturday and have been hopping up the coast of Costa Rica.  The weather has been perfect and the seas flat, except at night when we have a gentle swell. We have therefore been putting out our flopper stopper to keep us comfortable.  This is basically a 1m long hinged stainless steel “scoop” that we hang off the side off the boat with a pole and cables. As the boat rocks, the steel device goes down in the water, opens and then creates resistance when we rock the other way. This very effectively slows down the rolling motion.
Our first day we headed to Drake Bay ..named for Sir Francis, but pronounces DRAA KAY, by the Spanish. He got up to the usual pirate mischief and aparently did some repairs to The Golden Hind here. We did not go to shore to check out the plaque.  That night we got some good rain, for the first time this year! Sadly it washed the hidden anti-fouling paint grit off the bridge bimini, on to the deck .... more cleaning to do.
From Bahia Drake we headed up to Punto Quepo, and what a stunning day we had. Dolphins swimming along and lots of turtles in the water. The funniest was to see the seagulls perched on the backs of the sleeping turtles. They seem to blow themselves up with air and take a nap, not minding the birds using them as mini islands.  I commented to Mike that this was just like National Geographic, and then about 30 minutes later a small cruise ship passed us... National Geographic’s Sea Lion.  We also passed many local trawlers, long-line fishing boats and shrimpers. The one in the pic below was covered in birds.
Punto Quepo was a pleasant stop in a small bay with huge houses on the hill. I understand that many American’s retire to Costa Rica, attracted by the natural beauty, and stable nature of the country. The Tico’s (people of Costa Rica) pride themselves on their democracy and the fact that they have no army. The water here is not as clear as the Atlantic, but I enjoyed a swim in 32degC, sweeping off some of the slime that has started to collect on our hulls.
I am writing this at sea, in the hope that I find an internet cafe at our next port – Bahia Ballena.
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