Little Halls Pond Cay

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 24 Apr 2017 14:46
24:19.84N 76:33.97W  Little Halls Pond Cay
On the chart we found an unmarked spot that looked like an excellent anchorage – off the east side of Little Hall’s Pond Cay. Mike carefully wound us through some tight channels into this perfect little anchorage. The island is owned by Johnny Depp, but no sign of him, or any other pirates. We were very close to what looked like the working end of this island, with a caretaker being the only sign of life.
The beauty of this anchorage, was not only the westerly protection, but the proximity to a lovely dive, snorkel and beach.  First we had a quick look at the sunken plane, which we had dived on before in 2009 while we were on Indigo, and then we went to the “aquarium”. Smeezie was finally getting some more snorkelling opportunity.  This is a relatively small area, but teeming with fish and a perfect place to test out my new dive gear in shallow water.    Very very nice, and I’m having no difficulty with the rear inflation BC.  Tim & Mike also got motivated to service the dive compressor, but Mike’s dive gear needs some work. Perhaps just swapping out a few bits and pieces from his various sets.
In the afternoon we hung out and swam in the beautiful warm water north of O’Brien’s Cay. The water in the Exuma’s is the most incredible blue – you cant stop staring at it. I call it Sapphire Blue Gin water. On the way back, Mike towed Tim and I on the boogie board, which was great fun, until I nearly lost my bikini bottom. Note to self: wear a one piece next time!
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