our last day in Cuba

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 12 May 2011 14:24
21:37.37N 081:33.85W   Cayo Largo
Today is our last day in Cuba, we leave for Grand Caymen tonight. It is about an 18 hour trip, so we sail at night to take advantage of lower winds and to be able to arrive in daylight.
Cayo Largo is a 'tourist island' catering for beach and diving vacations....  not real Cuba at all.  There are many Canadians here, as it is only a 3 hour flight direct from Toronto and the all-inclusive resorts here are apparently good value.  There are no local settlements on the island, with workers being ferried in for shifts e.g. our local waiter works 20 days on and 10 days off, when he goes home to Isla de Juventud. While here they stay in small duplex apartments.  We have been eating at this local restaurant where a plate of fried chicken and chips is 2CP's, while fish and chips is 8CP's?!!  (Not a lot of fishing seems to be happening, I suspect as a result of the tight controls on boats and fuel.) So we have been pigging out on the chicken with lots of beers and Mojito's The marina is extremely busy with dive boats, snorkelling trips, charter catamarans and flats-fishing....and if that doesn't appeal, you can lie on one of the beautiful beaches. Bright white fine sand and blue blue water. There is also a facility where you can swim with dolphins, but I found it to be rather sad to see these majestic creatures in captivity.
We were hoping to buy some provisions here - but so far have only managed to get 2 cucumbers,  bread rolls, a small quantity of butter, some fruit juice and beer. Each day the lady in the 'shop' tells me sadly that she has not been able to find any fruit or vegetables. It would seem that most things are in short supply in Cuba ...except booze and cigars.... and ever smiling people.
We have been out of touch with news, internet, TV for almost a month now, and only yesterday heard a few snippets on the developments in Libya and the death of Bin Laden - we look forward to a catch up in Grand Caymen.