Opal Reef and turning south

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 19 Sep 2014 03:01
16:12.80s 145:53.68e  Opal Reef and turning south again
From Port Douglas we headed back to the outer reef – this time to Opal Reef, about 35nm north east. We had been recommended this reef by a fisherman in Cairns, and Mike was keen to catch a tuna.  The reef was beautiful and we had another great snorkel, with more spectacular corals and other sea life.  The water is beautifully clear here and quite warm.  Unfortunately the tuna were “missing”. This was to be our most northerly stop, before heading back south.
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Great reef at Opal
From Opal we headed back towards Cairns to overnight at Green Island, a very well known tourist / day tripper destination, that offers lovely beaches, with a  small tropical forest in the middle of the island. We took a walk around the island, and enjoyed an ice cream. Not too much going on there for us. We now got word from Mike’s nephew Martin who lives in Sydney, that he and the family wanted to come and visit us for a week in the school holidays. We decided that Magnetic island would be the most practical meeting point and so needed to move south a bit quicker.
Green island
Green island
From Green island we went back down again to Brammo Beach at Dunk island, which we had passed before.  We had heard there was a beach bar open on shore on Fridays, but sadly was closing as we got there. We did however manage to get a cider and then met some other cruisers on the beach, so had a pleasant sunset chatting with them. Next morning early we headed to Zoe Bay on Hinchinbrook island for a day stop. Unfortunately there had been no rain, so it was pointless to go up to the waterfall.  There was some stronger wind coming, so we continued to Orpheus island, which would be protected.
With the weather getting worse, we decided to head into Magnetic island a day earlier than planned and took the rather rough 45nm trip into the south east, to Nelly Bay. It was good to get in early, so we could clean the boat and get in all the provisions for the visitors.  We also had to try to find space for 4 extra people ....Not an easy task!! Somehow we have managed to spread out our possessions to every corner of the boat.