Leaving Time 2 at Magnetic Island Marina

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 13 Oct 2014 08:20
18:40.66s 146:30.58e   Leaving Time 2 at Magnetic Island
After much discussion and consideration of options we have decided to leave Time2 at the Magnetic Island Marina, while we go home to South Africa for a few months.  She will be in very good hands – being watched over by the very competent marina manager Kerry Ah-Quay, and our friend Mark, who will have his Nordhavn parked right next door.
At the moment there is a 3rd Nordhavn on the dock – Dauntless, from Brisbane!
Once a have cleaned up and packed away and tied up the boat securely, there is not much more to do than head off to the ferry to Townsville for our flight home.
We hope the “weather gods” are kind to Magnetic Island and that this is a quiet cyclone season. We will be back in Autumn.
3 nordys in a row
Dauntless, Myrtle and Time 2 – three Nordhavns in a row