The Doors

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 26 Mar 2011 16:53
The Doors!
Yes, we are still in Palm Beach and No, we won't be leaving for the Bahamas on Monday as planned. Why?  the doors!
One of the last jobs that needed to be completed on Time 2, was the repairing of some blistering on the aluminum doors ... we have 5 of them!  We had the specialist here for 3 days sanding and sealing and priming and sanding some more!  On Tuesday he was close to finishing, just had to air-brush a few layers of paint,. when tragedy struck!  Bogdan, the door guy, had a death in the family and had to fly home ... to Poland!  So now there was a crisis as the work is very specialized and another artisan is not easy to find.  At this point Mike and I decided to go down to Fort Lauderdale and pick up some items and visit again with Di & Will.  Luckily we had James on the case.
On Thursday we  visited the Palm Beach Boat Show on the way back - which is our 5th major boat show in the last 2 years. (Miami, Genova, Annapolis, Fort Lauderdale & now WPB) Again Mike looked at small tenders, as he is still thinking replacing the rubber duck type one (that I love!) that we have with a hard boat - much heavier, but better for fishing.  Lots of boats, lots of money and some crazy things- see the picture attached of the boat with 4 engines!)  Later I met up with some old friends. Carol & Gregg were brokers in Florida and then moved down to the BVI some years ago. They are currently sailing a 65ft charter catamaran down to the Caribbean, but stopped in here to do some work. I met them in Ft Lauderdale in 2004, and other than on Facebook we have not seen each other. But it was great to see them and they are coming round for a braai today.
When we got back to the marina, we found that our doors had been removed and replaced with blue plastic, making the lighting very eerie!  Not really a problem, but we had friends coming over to stay for the weekend. Nadene & Rob, who have a Powercat on the hard in Stuart came to visit before re-launching their boat. Oh well, they are boat people and understand the dramas attached - so we have been using one door and a lot of masking tape, opening and closing it!
One blue door
and another!
How much horsepower do you need?  4 x 300 ?!
Rob & Nadine relaxing after a long drive south