Arriving in the Exuma's

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 24 May 2009 14:57
23:31.21N 077:45.45W  Finally in the Exuma's

On Thursday afternoon we arrived in the Exuma's - which are reputed to be the finest cruising ground in the world. We managed to put down our anchor just in time to take cover from a huge electrical storm. We switched off everything electrical, had conductor wires dangling in the sea and sat in the dark for a while, worried about the lightening... but all was well.   It has not rained  in the Georgetown area like this since December, and we got it - for 2 days!  This is the same bad weather system we had down island, must have followed us up here! Torrential rain, and fairly cool - I think it got down to 25 deg at some point! ...ha..ha  how does that compare to Cape
Town at the moment?

Despite the weather we were very excited to be here ... and hit Georgetown for the day yesterday.  Decent grocery stores, liquor stores and restaurants at last! Mike and John had a HUGE burger each at the Peace & Plenty Hotel while I enjoyed conch chowder and a salad (Did you know that you can really crave fresh lettuce?)
Today we moved across the bay to Stocking Island and anchored at Gaviota bay, a perfect little paradise. We are surrounded by other yachts and have a beach bar on snow white sand about 50m in front of the boat, and a small resort about 100m to our left.  This resort was built by and is run by South African's, Jill & George who are also the agents for St Francis catamarans. 

I foresee a very festive period ahead. The weather is clearing up and there is a big beach barbeque tomorrow. Later in the day Tom arrives from Florida for a few days, then John leaves on Tuesday, and on Friday, Tom leaves and Karen & Willy arrive from South Africa... hectic!  ....  I think we are going to love it here... may never leave.

This is a picture of the dinghy dock in Georgetown - note the dark sky and Mike's new designer crocs!