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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 3 Sep 2013 04:14
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Musket Cove
We have been in Musket Cove for almost 2 weeks - other than a run back to Lautoka to sort out our Australian Visa saga.  I wrote in the last blog entry how we did all the paperwork, back up documents and handed over R3000 believing that all was in order. Well of course not!
We were just settling into the lovely anchorage at Musket, when we get an email, awarding us our visa!  Wow - so quick!  Except when I opened the documents, I discovered that they had given us 3 months visas - which was pointless. We had specifically requested a longer period, based on us leaving the boat there and returning in the new year. All clearly spelt out in our application.
After admitting they had not read our justification, the embassy agreed that if we did the full medical within a week, they would be able to give us a 6 month multiple entry visa, valid for 12 months from 1st entry. So back we went to Lautoka, another R2500, more paper work, more taxis, a medical examination with a local doctor and chest XRay at the local hospital. A very frustrating and expensive day.  I fail to understand the logic of any of it - We can have a 3 month visa with no tests, but if you want to stay for 6 months, you need to be checked for TB ..and what's with the eye-test?? 
Enough of all that frustration!  Let me tell you about Musket Cove - a great place for yachts. The island of Malolo Lailai is privately owed with 3 large resorts and a small marina/ yacht club. The bay is well protected from the swell by a long outer reef, and is the most popular anchorage in Fiji.  A lifetime membership at the yacht club cost all of R40 for Mike and I!  We have seen quite a few yachts that we have met before and despite a few very windy days, are enjoying socializing on the shore.  There are a few restaurants here, as well as a "bring and braai" area with a cocktail bar.
The other famous thing about this area, is the proximity to the very famous "CloudBreak" surfbreak. We took the Boston Whaler out to the island near the reef, but it was all blown out that day, so no beautiful wave shots for Ian. we plan to hang around here for a while , so will no doubt have more stories about Musket cove.
Small island near to "Cloudbreak"  - no surf that day!
View over the anchorage                                                                          Dinner with Mark and Christine (mv Gray Matter)
Musket Cove Resort beach of them      
Mike playing tourist                                                           And they land right in the middle of the anchorage!