Grand Caymen

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 15 May 2011 00:48
19:17.95N 081:23.34W     George Town, Grand Caymen
We arrived in George Town late Friday morning after a peaceful overnight sail.  We tied up at the local dock to check-in, which was easy and quick. We did declare a freezer full of crayfish and hand over over spear poles/ gun , as very strict rules on any kind of weapons here.  We were then directed to a free mooring ball, close to town where we have been moored for the last two days. we are right on top of a reef in the clearest water I have seen in ages.  It is so clear that in 6 m of water, you can see the bottom . NIGHT!
We met up with Mike Binckes and Alexa who moved here about 6 months ago from Johannesburg. Mike is the cousin of our friend Sharon Thomson. We had drinks with them on Friday night at a local beach bar  called Rackhams. On Saturday Mike B was kind enough to drive me to the local supermarket to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies. The risk of scurvy was getting serious!  Fabulous supermarket - very good stocks, even though quite pricey. Grand Caymen is supposed to have one of the highest standards of living in the Carribean, and so of course, more expensive.  There are a fair number of South Africans living here, and there is even an SA food section in the store, where I managed to get some Wellington's Sweet Chilli sauce and some droe wors...yum!  We are enjoying good internet access right on the boat, which has allowed us to see pictures of Mike's gorgeous little grand-daughter Kate, born in Cape Town earlier this week.
Although Grand Caymen is famous for banking, what you see are lots of very nice beach hotels and a very busy cruise-ship destination. They can have up to 5 ships on one day at the busiest times. There was a giant one (3000 passengers) here on Friday, but nothing more until Tuesday. Sunday is taken very seriously and everything is closed and then tomorrow is a public holiday, so most things will be closed again.  As a result, we have been lucky enough to be close to shore, but with little disturbance.  There is fantastic diving and snorkeling right here off the back of the boat - the wreck of the Cali is found only 75m from our boat. Our plan at this point is to leave early on Wednesday for the 2/3 day trip down to Providencia.
Hammerheads Bar - Only 7500miles from home
With Alexia and Mike ...and a pirate ship lurking behind
Mike dives down to take a closer look at the Cali wreck
Amazing visibility and some very tame fish