Shake-down in the Bahamas

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 7 Apr 2011 23:16
Shake-down in the Bahamas:
So when we said we were going for a shake-down cruise to the Bahamas, we did not mean it literally - but last night we did some. Our anchorage turned into a bit of a nightmare with waves and current colliding, and making things somewhat bumpy (rather than really shaky!).  We had deployed the "flopper-stopper" - which is a 4m boom that extends off the side of the boat, and attached to it, is a folding stainless steel plate that absorbs some of the boat roll. This helped, but is was still pretty unpleasant, and I felt sea-sick for the first time on anchor!
The day started off well, with Mike diving out 6 big conch and later catching a good size bream type fish. But things started going bad when he sliced open the top of his finger with one of his famous (infamous?) Dexter Russell knives. There is a very good reason that popular TV show about the serial killer, is called Dexter! And then the boat started rocking and it the day ended badly!
Back to the 'shake-down' - all systems are running well, except for an alarm that keeps going off in the plotter/radar/ AIS system, which we need to sort out. Some intermittent problem with an antenna we suspect. This boat has so many antennas it is hardly surprising that there may be a conflict or a loose connection.  One of our last tests is the Watermaker, which still has to be done.
Today we moved further north and west, back to Little Stirrup Cay - where we found a flat anchorage, next to a 26m motor yacht on its way from St Maarten to Palm Beach. We met the crew and had a beer with them - Mike also shared some fishing knowledge and showed them how tie on their lures properly.  We also took a 10km dinghy ride across the beautiful blue flat water to Great Harbour. Nothing 'great' there, but the ice-cream & beers were cold and the local shopkeeper very chatty.
We will stay here for another day and then head to Bimini...or something like that!