Night Watch

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sun 7 Apr 2013 11:08
17:00.81N 119:00.36W 11am UTC/ 3am local NIGHT WATCH

i am in the middle of my night watch and not much is going on ... as usual. We really are in the middle of nowhere, and for the last few days have seen nothing more than one boat per day on the radar. (but never close enough to actually see) We are following a course of 198deg and will make our final few degrees turn tomorrow on a straight line for the Marquesas. We have now travelled a little over 1000nm, since leaving San Diego, with about 2000nm to go. The weather remains the same, fairly warm, mostly cloudy, winds around 14knots and the big Pacific swell is keeping us just uncomfortable enough to stay alert, and to remember to pack things away. Every now and then a bigger swell hits us and a few things go flying around. Correction to my last entry: We are obviously skirting the north "Pacific" not "Atlantic" high
All on board are well and devouring books, movies and food - taking lots of naps. While Mike and John can sleep easily, I still struggle with the broken sleep patterns. I have been doing some exercises on my watch, which is fairly amusing as it is hard to keep balance - but good for the core muscles . Still no fish , except for the occasional flying fish that ends up on the deck.
Thanks for the emails - keep them coming- it is always good to hear some news. xx