Rum Cay, Bahama's

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Fri 15 May 2009 13:43
23:38.29N 074:50.28W   Port Nelson, Rum Cay
Here we are in the metropolis of Port Nelson, which is the main town (huh?) on an island of under 100 people. Interestingly enough they have 2 policemen - how most of would love to see that ratio of policemen in our own towns!
There is a bit of a blow going through (a Tropical Wave) which has caused all sorts of consternation - boats moving into the marina for safety and today a yacht running aground on the reef.  Mike & John were out in the dinghy trying to assist the stricken yacht, which eventually cut loose its anchor and eventually also went into the protection of the marina. For a while Mike & another dinghy attempted  to pull up the disconnected chain and anchor off the reef, but eventually gave up due to the swell. I think they will dive it out tomorrow.  For those of you from Cape Town, this "blow" is a bit of storm in a teacup - the highest wind I have seen is about 25knots .. a sort of brisk spring South Easter! But somehow it seems to stuff up the unsuspecting every time! We are well anchored with our good friend "Chucky" and the bouncing around is not really uncomfortable at all. However we are hoping that things will clear up a little tomorrow so we can do a bit more snorkelling. This ray and his henchmen of Ocean Trigger fish and Trunkfish are regulars around the boat.