Leaving Staniel ...finally ... maybe

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Tue 20 Jun 2017 01:29
24:11.21N 76:27.49W  Leaving Staniel Cay ... finally ... maybe!
Back to Staniel Cay we went, and back into what could be our best anchorage ever – the bay west of Big Majors Cay.  This place has become like our second home, great protection, awesome beach, many friendly cruisers, lots to do and the clearest blue water imaginable.   Then there are the Super Yachts – or “boat porn” as i like to call it. You cant help but stare and be amazed at the wealth.  Gallant Lady is a regular in these waters – at 52m, she is one of the bigger ones that can manage the shallow waters of the Exumas.   Many yachts are serviced by private planes – which Mike enjoys. Here he is helping a float plane with its anchor at the beach.
plane pigs mike  GALLANT-LADY-2
We were back into the rhythm of things here in no time.  Provisions, Trash, Exercise classes, Exploring, Swimming, Fishing, Entertaining, and meeting cruisers on the beach for sun downers.  The latest group of sailboats passing through has included lots of young people and lots of kids – which has been a fun change. Here we are with the sailors from TEHO, Jay’s Nest, Capella & Dos Equis.
team with courney
Almost everything for these islands, arrives by ship.  The freighter mv Captain C arrives on a Thursday (usually) with fresh provisions, and we rush off the next day to stock up.  Generally we have to visit both the Pink store (Eleanor) and the Blue store (Ivy) to get everything we need.  These ladies do a brilliant job, considering that all goods come on this one  freighter from Nassau, which is in turn supplied from USA & Central America. They not only supply the homes on the islands, but also all the cruisers and lots of super yachts. Fuel is delivered on a different ship, but less regularly, so the marina often runs out of diesel and or petrol(gas) This tends to cause a little panic in the fleet. We have lots of diesel, and Mike makes sure that we get dinghy fuel long before we run out... so no panic on Time2.   Our new big dinghy is a real gem – we can zoom around at 15- 20 knots easily and cover good distance in comfort. This is our “car” to get provisions, explore, fish, get the trash to the dump, etc. Going to the local beach, we usually take our little dinghy, as it is easier to pull up.  We are very fortunate to have 2!
One day after chores, we stopped for lunch at the yacht club and I plucked up the courage to pet the sharks. Unlike the pigs, these animals were a lot more docile
lynn sharks    IMG_6461 dinghy
So tomorrow we leave Big Majors to head up through the marine park towards Nassau. I just checked out logbook, and we have been here 3 times since late April and spent a total of 36 days anchored here – a new record for us!  I will be sad to say goodbye to mv Forever Young and sv Sandpiper who have been great friends to Mike and I.
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Lynn, Linda & Laurie   - looking a lot more cheerful than David & Richard Winking smile