An offer on Indigo

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 18 Oct 2010 13:36
39:21.65N 075:53.12W  Georgetown, Maryland
An offer on Indigo
Indigo has been on the market for a short while and while we were in Malta collecting the new boat, Mike received a firm offer. Excellent timing!
We sailed  Time 2 up to Genova, Italy to put her on the delivery boat to Florida and have now returned to Annapolis to sort out Indigo.  Lots of excitement around the new boat, but lots still to do with Indigo.
Today she is in Georgetown, Maryland for part of her survey.  Putting Indigo on the market, has been quite a performance.  In addition to the prospective owner visiting the yacht quite a few times, there is a full survey and investigation of every part of the boat.  The marine surveyor did an inspection of the top-side at the marina and we also had another survey of the engines and generator. The bottom survey is the last step, which requires a haul-out. This is done to check the props, the rudders and the overall condition of the hull.   As she is so wide, we have had to sail about 40nm up the Chesapeake river and down the Sassafras river to Georgetown where there is a big travellift that can accommodate her.
I am pleased to report that Indigo has performed very well during all the surveys - Thanks to Mike's on-going maintenance (and some of my cleaning skills) - she is still in very good condition. The prospective owner joined us on the trip and was very impressed with Indigo's performance on the water.
All going well, the offer will be finalised shortly and we will be able to get down to Florida to meet Time 2 when she arrives in the last week of October.