Union Island, The Grenadines

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 26 Apr 2008 19:04
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Clifton, Union Island - 26 April 2008
Today is my birthday and we are having a great time. Mike painted me a beautiful card of the islands, and of Indigo - which I will get framed soon. I had lots of phone calls and text messages, which was wonderful - as I have not chatted to anyone since leaving home in Feb. We are now hopping down the Grenadines, each island only a few kilometres from the next one. Earlier in the week we sailed down from Bequia to Canouan - where the guys hunted down some crayfish to start the birthday celebrations. They were a little small, but delicious. Sadly Coenie picked up an ear infection, but thanks to Dick's medicine chest, we are treating it very professionally. There is a lot of diving to be done! From Canouan we sailed to Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau, a postcard-like bay with a white beach framed with palm trees. We had an unpleasant interaction with a local mooring vendor who didn't like our anchoring, which surprised me, as I remember the people being a lot happier than they seem now. Last night we had the usual suspects (our friends from Fantasy and Iron Mistress) round for dinner - braaing some of the famous tuna,  with roasted veg and salad. We are still getting used to having fresh stuff, so it remains a treat. This afternoon we headed to Clifton, Union Island, another of my favourites. Tonight we will celebrate my birthday with a few rum punches at Happy island. This bar is a small island made of Conch shells in the middle of the anchorage - quite amazing. I will post photos soonest.