Rivergate Marina - Brisbane

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 10 Apr 2014 07:32
Rivergate Marina – Brisbane
While we were home, we left Time2 on the hard at Rivergate Shipyard on the Brisbane River.  Once we returned, there were a number of projects to be completed before we could splash, so for a week we lived on board and Mike got things done.  He removed the little Fischer Panda generator and loaded up the new Northern Lights 5Kw 230v (at 1500rpm) . This was quite an interesting exercise, as the yacht was high above the land on the stands and we used our on-board crane to make the swap. Quite nerve-wracking to watch a very expensive 165kg machine being lifted on a cable, over our roof and into the lazerette.  Over the next week, Mike installed the new generator, with lots of cabling and a new control board. All working perfectly now, but his back is still aching from all the bending.  The old generator which was still in good working order was put on to Gumtree and sold in a day.
The bottom paint was also touched up, and Mike and I repainted the props and bow-thrusters with Prop-Speed. (an anti-fouling type product)  Quite a performance to get those thrusters off – and Mike was up to his McGiver mission again, making a tool to assist.
Living on the hard was a bit of a challenge – as you cant use any of the drains. So we had to use the showers/ loos on the other side of the yard and we could wash dishes in a bucket.  The yard is also quite dirty, with all the work going on and the boat was getting messier and more filthy by the day. Not my happiest of times! 
It was however interesting being in the yard – watching the work being done on the Superyachts around us.  When boats have work that involves grinding or spray-painting, they build a cage around the boat, and clad it in white plastic. They then have fans/ extractors on either end.
Other jobs we had done were,  getting the boat polished, replacing the one  VHF radio, and removing the Satellite compass processing unit to get the battery replaced. This last job was fairly amusing/ frustrating as we could not find the unit. We had every cupboard, floor-board and dashboard opened up. Finally after more than 2 hours, we located it underneath a bookshelf floor.
Australia is extremely expensive, with one of the highest minimum wages in the world (over $16 per hour!) – but we did find the quality of work to be good and the people in the yard to be kind and very helpful.
chaos   P1000023
On-board chaos – salon turned into a workshop                                       Shiny Prop-Speed
 P1000019  P1000020
Yacht in a plastic cage for spraying                                            Two Maxi racing yachts being worked on
P1000015  P1000029
Time2 on the hard in her Cyclone-proof stands                        Finally in the slings for launch – see 300t lift behind!
Time 2 is now back in the water and we have moved back to Dockside Marina, where we stayed before – close to to the city....and projects continue.