Dockside Marina, Brisbane River

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 14 Oct 2013 06:19
27:26.23S 153:02.33E   Dockside Marina, Brisbane River
Following our ordeal getting into Australia, we have had a wonderful 10 days in Brisbane. We are tied up at the Dockside Marina very close to the centre of the city. Mark from Gray Matter  came down to the  Riverside Customs dock on his bike to "escort" us up the river, where we have a berth on the same dock as mvGray Matter ....nice! 
Brisbane is a lovely city, the 3rd largest in Australia and the biggest in Queensland.  With great weather and excellent amenities, the people of Brisbane spend a lot of time outside. There are bike paths everywhere, lots of parks with great picnic spots (many with free electric BBQ's) and there is absolutely no threat to personal safety. The jacarandas are in bloom, so the whole area has a purple hue. Much of the city is on the banks of the river, including many apartment buildings, it reminds us a little of Florida - this is where Time2 is lying.
There are many ferries moving commuters and tourists around the city.  The City Hopper (a free one) takes us from the marina to the city centre. Very convenient and I have enjoyed wandering around the city and getting a little "retail fix".  We have also been out to some restaurants in the area, and a very nice bar at the Story Bridge hotel that has good live music on a Sunday afternoon. We are starting to feel normal again.  We also took our dinghy about 20kms up the river and admired all the homes with their own docks. This area was very badly damaged by a flood 2 years ago, but seems to be almost fully restored. Sadly the river is not good for swimming, as it is very brown and apparently has quite a few Bull sharks lurking!
Boat traffic                                                                                                   Some large houses on the river
This year we have been on Time 2 for 9 months, and travelled a little over 8000nm - crossing the biggest of the oceans, the poorly named Pacific.  We have visited some incredible places, been introduced to interesting cultures, met wonderful new friends and had many rough crossings - Now it is time to go home.
Later this week we will take Time2 back down to Rivergate Marina, to get hauled and stored on the hard for the next 4/5 months while we go home to Simon's Town. We are looking forward to seeing our friends and family, and getting back into "our other life". The blog will be on hold until we return to cruising next year.