Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Wed 13 Feb 2013 01:43
Before we left Cape Town on Indigo, Coenie tracked down a tiny fold-up bike in the UK which he brought back for me. I loved that bike but sadly after 4 years on boats I gave it away to dock worker in Panama.  Mike was very happy to get rid of that rusty mess, but I missed that bike, and wanted a new one.
For my birthday last year Mike gave me a bike .. or should I say promised to buy me one when we got to the USA.  I tried to twist his arm into buying me an electric bike, and was doing quite well with the negotiation. Electric bikes are a fabulously expensive way to cycle around without getting any exercise!  But this was not to be...
One day in Ensenada, another dock neighbour, James, was driving us to the depot to buy fresh drinking water, when we made a detour. He took us to the back streets of Ensenada, to a second-hand bike shop.   And there we found two very good second hand bikes - for a steal!  In fact that may have been a bad pun, as the origins of these bikes is questionable.
But now we are the owner of these great bikes - Mikes is all aluminum and is very light - while mine is a fold-up Dahon.  We have been driving all over Ensenada with them! Without a car, a bike is a brilliant thing.
My bike, all folded up!                                                                            Out to lunch in Ensenada