Neighbours at the Majors

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 21 Dec 2017 21:32
Neighbours at the Majors
Most of the people we meet are on regular sized sailboats, catamarans & trawlers. Some are as small as 10m, TIME2 is about 18m and a few are a bit over 20m. Everyone is very sociable, meeting on the beach, at the yacht club or while passing on our dinghies. And then there are the Superyachts, and the Megayachts, anchored fairly close close to us, but soooooo far way.  Winking smile
  laurel  48 oceanfast BigSKY
LAUREL is a bit over 60m                                                                                                BIG SKY is smaller at 48m, but has better toys! – see Superman?
50 m home  k hybrid
The so called “hybrids” with a more angular design were out in force – my favourite one, HOME on the left, is 50m and K is a little over 40m
and then finally ...... the biggest boys you will find here at 85m. The water on the Exuma Banks is very shallow,  and it is remarkable that they even get here. it goes without saying that most of their exploration is done with helicopters, sea planes and tenders of different sizes & types
85m pacific seven seas
PACIFIC – Owned by one of the Russian Oligarchs                                                                                               and SEVEN SEAS  -was/ is owned by Steven Spielberg