Our final journey on Indigo

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Sat 30 Oct 2010 18:36
38:06.74N 076:24.63W  Smith Creek, Potomac River
Indigo has been sold! After passing all her surveys we now fulfilling the final condition of the sale, which is to sail her 150nm up to Washington, DC.  The new owner, Cliff, is in the US Airforce and gets some kind of tax break if he closes the deal in Washington, DC, the capital of the USA.
This morning, Cliff & his girlfriend Julie and another friend, Mike, joined us at the marina and we headed south down the Chesapeake. The trip from Annapolis to Washington would take you less than an hour my road, but on the water, it will take us two days and a night. The conditions were great for sailing, wind was blowing at about 25knots from the north west. Indigo flew along helped by her new leaner figure... the waterline was over 6cm higher since we had offloaded all our stuff.
As the day progressed the wind picked up, gusting to 35knots, it was very cold and I was freezing...but Indigo loved it, delighting her new owner. In the late afternoon we had to take 100deg turn, up the Potomac River and directly into the wind. The water became very rough and it was extremely uncomfortable. Mike decided to take us up a creek and we set anchor, in a peaceful little bay.
Here are Cliff and Julie trying out the controls on Indigo