La Paz

Lynn & Mike ..around the world
Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Thu 24 May 2012 13:55
24:09.37N 110:19.65W  La Paz, Baja California
We are now relaxed and settling into the Sea of Cortez!. Tried out three anchorages already, Los Muertos, Bonanza bay and Bahia Bandara - all which have the most dramatic vistas.  The coastline of Baja is very very dry, not only is is a desert, but this is the dry season. All that can be seen is a little scrub and a few cacti - something like parts of the Karoo.  What a striking change for all the time we have spent in tropical Central America. The beaches are white and the sea a sparkling blue-green.  There are lots of birds and quite a few fish, although the water is still a chilly 25deg, so I have not ventured in for a snorkel yet! 
The days here are already incredibly hot (up to 40deg) even though it is only spring, but the nights are relatively cool as a brisk wind comes up and we have been sleeping comfortably without air-conditioning.
Mike & John feel like cowboys in los Muertos                             Sunset in the bay
Bonanza Bay at the island of Espiritu Santo
We have popped into the marina in La Paz to do a few chores - provisioning; getting our Temporary Import Permit (boat paperwork); catch up internet and enjoying a little civilization before heading back to the remote islands and anchorages of the Sea of Cortez.
La Paz is a nice sized town, with lots of restaurants and shops. While Mike and John went on a long expedition to all the hardware and boat shops, I enjoyed the book shop (English!) and the "girl" shops ..quite a selection! We did a lot of walking, which is a good thing as we have been drinking too much beer - so many to choose from: Corona; Sol; Tecate; Pacifico; XX; Modelo ..and so on!
Last night we went to a restaurant set in a garden, where the cook the food (Ribs & Burgers) inside an old car ..cute idea!
The grill                                                                                                        Bathrooms at Banditos