Guana Cay

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Mike Drinkrow & Lynn v/d Hoven
Mon 6 Jul 2009 01:01
26:40.02N 077:07.08W   Guana Cay
We have been in Guana Cay for the weekend - and what a festive little island this is!  You can only reach the island by private boat or by ferry, and caters totally to the tourist market. I don't think there are any original "locals" left.  Yesterday we spent the day at "Nippers" - touted as the most famous bar in the Bahamas. It is a very colourful place looking over a magnificent beach, has a pool and lots to drink and eat. We swam, had a few beers and the obligatory cheeseburger in paradise
Today we went to "Grabbers", who also have a beach, a pool and lots of music - this weekend "Steel Daddy" has been playing. Pretty good on the guitar and the pan. The place was packed with families holidaying in homes on the island as well as a large contingency of yachts.