Underway again

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 26 May 2019 00:09

23:11.09S 179:07.27W

First thing this morning I weighed anchor and departed North Minerva, destination still Fiji, which I expect to take 3-4 days depending as ever on how the weather develops. Of the twenty or so boats all waiting to depart the lagoon, Macushla was the only one to take this opportunity, but then I'm used to being the black sheep. The numerous weather models produced often tempt you to delay with the promise of perfect conditions just a few days away, only to then dissappoint when the time comes, and it can almost become addictive to keep looking at them and discussing them. Sometimes you just have to grab something you think you can work with and go for it. I know this is going to be a challenging trip, but I'm well rested, have been re-provisioned by a guardian angel and Macushla revels in these conditions.
The wind and swell are still quite high at the moment, but are due to decrease as the day goes on. I have had a few extra large waves break completely over the boat "submarine mode" I call it, but it means the deck is getting a good washdown and one less job to do on arrival.
I don't consider the conditions to be really bad until I can no longer make my drip filter coffee with my little Melita plastic funnel, and we've no reached that level yet.
It feels good to be underway again, and just a little bit scared! Makes you feel alive.