East Holandes Cays, San Blas Islands, Panama

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 24 Nov 2014 13:31

09:35.14N 78:40.88W

Miles logged: 295.14

All is well on board and we're safely anchored in the East Holandes Cays of the San Blas Islands; a truly beautiful spot.

Our passage was much better than we were expecting it to be and the favourable wind continued longer than forecast - right up until we were 5 miles from our destination. We had two beautiful star-lit nights and no thunder/lightning storms to stress about. As if on cue, we had a pre-arrival heavy downpour 10 miles out which washed Macushla's sails and deck nicely just after Skipper had finished his round of clearing away the previous night's flying fish debris.

We navigated our way in to our anchorage using the Eric Bauhaus Panama Cruising Guide and were very grateful to have been given electronic versions of the charts in this book by our friends Mark and Amanda on sv Balvenie. This made picking our way through the reefs a lot less stressful.

On arrival we were greeted over the VHF radio by fellow cruisers Alison and Geoff on sv Saraoni from our SSB radio net, a lovely welcome to the islands and it was great to meet them at last for drinks later in the evening.


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