On Passage to New Zealand - Day 3

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 23 Nov 2015 23:40
29:12.35S 176:34.02E

Miles to go: 378

All is well on board and we're over the half way mark. Our ideal sailing conditions are continuing and we're absolutely delighted. David on Gulf Harbour Radio said this morning that this is the best weather window of the season so far and, as we've been closely monitoring the weather patterns in this area over the last couple of months, we whole-heartedly agree with him.

As with any passage there are running repairs to carry out underway. All of a sudden we noticed that our Duogen towed generator wasn't producing any power and we rely on this to keep the batteries topped up at night. So skipper set about an underway repair to chafed rectifier wiring - no mean feat. Disconnecting the heavy alternator from Macushla's transom was at the limit of his contortion and strength; good job conditions were kind.

In no time at all we were back in business with an additional 10 amps/hour and celebrated with freshly made flapjacks and coffee.