On Passage

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 30 Oct 2014 20:34

12:26.69N 72:16.69W

All is well on board. After checking out at the Clearance Wharf we were sailing away from Aruba by 9 o'clock. Our course took us dead downwind, so with the yankee poled out and a full mainsail we made good progress in 15-18 knots of wind.

Skipper's recently serviced fishing reel was soon deployed and we're very pleased to report that fresh fish is back on the menu, with a good sized tuna landed in double quick time. A superb fish supper was had aboard Macushla last night.

As usual we reefed down for the night sail and had a very comfortable first night with steady wind and favourable current. By daybreak we were rounding the dubiously named Cabo de la Vela, known to be one of the notoriously windy areas of the Caribbean, though conditions at the moment are as good as we could hope for.

Finally, a new record for the flying fish morning count - 39 on the deck and one lucky specimen which landed in skipper's lap and was thrown back in to the water.


Waiting at the Clearance Wharf before leaving Aruba:






Sailing for Columbia, Catch of the Day and a beautiful Daybreak: