Atlantic Crossing Day 20

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 10 Feb 2012 12:46
12:56.37N 56:36.47W
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 162
Miles logged since leaving the Canaries: 2,822
Miles to go to Barbados: 162

All is well on board after a long night of squalls. A night dominated by cat-napping in the cockpit and hand-steering through squalls which again brought torrential rain.

Along with many other cruisers who crossed earlier in the season, we're experiencing a significant increase in squall activity as we approach the Caribbean. These are short-lived, powerful winds associated with rain clouds and we had a constant procession of these for over 10 hours and through the night. From being caught unawares in the past, we're now more vigilant, can recognise potential squalls in advance and have taken to heralding their impending arrival with the well-known line from Jack Nicholson "Heeere's Johnny!" On the plus side, Macushla's sails, rigging and deck have had a thorough freshwater clean - one less job to do on arrival.

We've now travelled over 2,800 miles and have only run the engine for a very few hours. We've been able to propel the boat and run all our systems almost completely from wind, solar and hydro power. This transatlantic crossing certainly has a low carbon footprint which is something we're especially pleased about..

In all the excitement last night the Second in Command managed to retain her sanity as a flying fish had the good grace to land in the Skipper's lap and not hers. After a frantic flapping of wings it was hastily returned from whence it came.