Heading North Day 9

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 14 Jul 2012 16:18
36:16.76N 65:56.82W

All is well on board and we're nicely trucking along, slowly ticking off the miles.

As we approach the Gulf Stream we're looking to maximise the advantage this can bring by trying to stay within the favourable current and avoid any of the back eddies. We are very glad to have Herb's guidance on the best entry and exit points to aim for, as the Gulf Stream is constantly changing. At the moment we're enjoying a lift of just over 1 knot of favourable flow as we head towards his recommended waypoints.

We're taking advantage of the flat conditions to cook up the last of our fresh produce. As a result we'll not only have meals prepared for the rest of the trip, but also should avoid any customs restrictions on arrival.

Now that we're further north we're enjoying more comfortable temperatures so, with all the hatches closed whilst at sea, life below decks is now much more pleasant .