Clifton Harbour, Union Island

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 19 Mar 2012 20:03
12:35.64N 61:24.68W

We stayed four nights in the lovely calm anchorage of Tyrrel Bay and very much liked the relaxed and friendly style of Carriacou. This anchorage is billed as one of the calmest in the Grenadines and it didn't disappoint. We swam off the boat in the warmest water yet, which was especially welcome after our walk to Paradise Beach and then on to Hillsborough the island's 'capital'. The bus ride back to Tyrrel Bay was a lively affair with the reggae music pumping out, as usual.

Before moving on we did our customary stocking up of fruit & veg at a nearby stall; this one run by the very friendly and appreciative Rufus. A charming guy.

Having spent some time socialising with new cruising friends, we said our good-byes, weighed anchor and made the short trip round to Hillsborough Bay where we dropped anchor so that we could check out with Customs and Immigration.

By 10.45 we were sailing out of the bay, hard on the wind, for the short 14 mile trip to Union Island. This island in the Grenadine chain belongs to St Vincent, so skipper has to check us in once again.