On Passage New Zealand to Fiji- Day 7-to who knows when!

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 21 May 2019 01:34

23:38.71S 178:53.71W

My passage to Fiji has stalled somewhat due to a nuisance tropical depression that has formed over the Islands, gale force winds, heavy rain and big seas doesn't have the same pull as the imagined palm fringed beaches with sparkling clear waters and cocktails at the beach bar. Consequently, I have had to divert to north Minerva Reef, the only place within reach that offers a modicum of protection. For anybody that cares to search out this tiny atoll on google earth you will see that it is very much in the middle of nowhere, with only one small break in the reef to allow entry into the lagoon. At very low water the reef is probably still only about 30cm above sea level, but this is just enough to give some protection from the waves, although you do still feel the full force of the wind.
At least I have been able to rest up here and recuperate a little, just as me and my alarm where about to come to blows ( I'm convinced it speeds up whilst I'm asleep). For the first time in a week I was able to continuously sleep for more than an hour, absolute bliss!
I left NZ, I thought reasonably well provisioned, with a good couple of days buffer, just in case it was a slow passage. I decided to sail with a "dry" boat so I would not be troubled by the duty free scrutiny of customs, and thinking that this would make my arrival beer taste even more special. Unfortunately I neglected to pack my "get stuck in Minerva for a week" crate, so find myself with very limited supplies and resorting to an inventive and eclectic menu to get by. If anybody has a recipe for beetroot, 100% Arabica ground coffee, marmite and organic tamri, please let me know as I have these in abundance.I think it's going to be "fifty ways to serve rice, beans, and lentils, and I will consider it a detoxifying holistic experience and throw in a few sun salutations at dawn on the foredeck just for good measure.

But everyday is special in its own way, and I will keep myself busy and wait for nature to send me on my way again when she is good and ready.

A rare chance to type on the level without having to hold on with one hand.