On Passage New Zealand to Fiji- Day 6

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 18 May 2019 23:37

24:38.22S 179:51.05W

I am now closing in on Minerva Reef (85nm)and have slowed right down to a pedestrian 3.5 knots to ensure a daylight arrival at the atoll entrance tomorrow morning. It is far too risky to attempt a night entry here and daunting enough in daylight, despite the fact that I have been here before.
Early this morning I recrossed the E/W Meridian, feels like I going backwards, but the tropical depression is still an active threat to the area so I have very few options available. Hopefully, it will just be a short stopover here to ride out the worst of the weather and I can continue on my way to Fiji again soon.
I can officially confirm the existence of Sirens at sea, though I have not spotted any actual mermaids basking on the rocks just yet. Between the natuaral flexing of the boat and the effect of the wave action on the hull, along with the howling of the wind, somehow noises are produced that sound uncannily like human voices. Over the last few nights I have been convinced that I must have left the stereo on and have gotten up to check several times. Often the sounds come from the cockpit as if another boat is approaching alongside and I find myself dashing up on deck, only to find nothing in sight for miles around. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or perhaps the solitude, but it's mighty convincing, could also be that I'm just a bit potty.
I had a rousing chorus of singalong show tunes at about 4 am this morning whilst sitting under the splendid bright moon , a one man karaoke show consisting of a little LLoyd Webber, most of Les Miserables and a scattering of Pavorotti's greatest hits, a noisy affair on board Macushla for sure!

A relatively easy day so far today, a chance to clean up both the boat and myself and maybe even do a bit of cooking.

It is always good to hear from you all, definitely the hightlight of my day.