On Passage to Samoa - Day 3

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 18 Sep 2015 22:59
15:35.24S 158:20.23W

Miles to go: 787

All is well on board. The wind has picked up a little to a steady 16-18
knots and we're trucking along nicely. The latest weather forecast
indicates that these conditions should continue for a couple more days yet,
so we're keen to ride them for as long as possible.

We're starting to get into our sleeping pattern now and, on these moonless
nights, have been enjoying the starry skies. However now that we're in the
Southern Hemisphere we're viewing our favourite constellations from a
different perspective which takes some getting used to (e.g. Orion's Sword
points up, not down!).

Looking forward to the moon filling and lighting our way...